Boat & Motor Rates

Rates for Lakeside Cottages Boat & Motor Rentals.
All Rates shown are in Canadian Dollars.


We are pleased to offer you boat and motor rentals at Lakeside Cottages. The rates quoted are for our guests staying at the resort wishing to rent a boat and motor. We advise our guests to try and pre - book any rentals at the time of confirming their cottage booking to avoid any disappointments and that we may have everything ready in advance for your arrival for you to start your long awaited vacation!


If your looking to bring your own boat and motor and require our Lakeside Cottages dock space at the resort you will need to reserve in advance and to ensure we have space to accommodate your boat and motor.       

Boat & Motor Rates for 2022


Boat & Motor:
Weekly: $235
Daily: $135
Half Day: $70
Boat Only:
Weekly: $105
Daily: $60
Half Day: $30

Gas and oil are extra and are charged at the current fuel price at time of renting.

The Government taxes are extra and charged at the current applicable tax rates.

A signed rental form is required along with a credit card Visa or Master card and an imprint taken for a security deposit on all boat and motor rentals.


All our fishing boats are 14 ft Aluminum with 8 or 9 HP motors.

The Maximum number of people allowed in our fishing boats is 4. Please ensure that you do not exceed this number - as well as making sure you carry the safety equipment provided at all times when using our boats and motors. Lakeside Cottages will not be held responsible for any tickets you may incur.   

We will provide for all our boat and motor rentals life jackets, marina safety kit, and seat cushions. We highly recommend you bring a life jacket for each child as children's sizes do vary and we have a limited supply at the resort.

For non - guests not staying at Lakeside Cottages ( not renting a cottage ) boat & motor rentals are only available and subject to our resort guests wishing to reserve boats and motors first!

An extra fee for non guests: $20  per rental and the same booking conditions will apply. 

A rental agreement form must be signed and a credit card imprint taken a for security deposit for all rentals.

Remember to bring your boating licence with you and happy fun fishing everyone! 

Reserved Dock space can be pre - booked in advance with Lakeside Cottages.

Weekly: $90
4 Days: $40
Daily: $20 


Please note: Our Policy at Lakeside Cottages will require a Canadian boat licence for anyone wishing to operate a boat and motor renting from Lakeside Cottages except for American guests bringing their own boats & motors. International Guests will have to complete a rental boat safety check list as proof of competency for the duration of the rental at Lakeside Cottages.