Fishing Report




Carp Fishing at Lakeside Cottages

                                          Superb Carp 35.5LB at Lakeside Cottages                                                                                                                                                  

At Lakeside Cottages our 2020 season was to start much later due to Covid 19 restrictions with borders between Canada and the United States closed no international guests were permitted to travel and our fishing group Bluevale Collegiate school from Waterloo Ontario annual Carp  trip to the Lake was cancelled this June what would have been their eleventh Carp fishing experience with teacher Mr. Darryl Keirstead who always runs a well organized party, it's always been a great pleasure to help out and host a very well organized well behaved young fishing students that are excited to tackle the mighty Carp but Darryl could not miss out his trip to Lakeside Cottages and would return with the whole family later in the summer.    

Finally we could open our resort and welcome our first guests our regular Ladies Cat and the lovely Bernice. The summer weather was glorious after a long cold winter Bernice and Cat were in need of a Carp fix and would catch Carp up to 26.LB! A good start to the season on Katchewanooka Lake which is part of the Trent Severn Waterway System. " Thank you to Cat and Bernice for the lovely thank you card and meal voucher for Jack's restaurant in Lakefield that we found in the cottage. " Look forward to seeing you both again later in summer for another week of fishing and fun!  Your hosts & friends Mike & Eileen.


Amazing Lake Views at Lakeside Cottages
Bluevale waiting for the Fish!

As always your hospitality kindness expertise and enthusiasm for the fishing is second to none! Our students love coming here to Lakeside cottages year after year your facilities here are fantastic. Thanks Mike for all you're done we are sincerely grateful for your kind hospitality year after year you make us feel like family and can't wait to come back thank you so very much!” From Mr Darryl Keirstead, The Bluevale Fishing Club. It's a real pleasure Eileen and I had a great time with everyone and thank you all for leaving the cottages so nice and for the kind gifts! Already looking forward to next time ! Tight Lines to you all at the Bluevale Fishing Club. Mike & Eileen.

Ollie the Osprey
Superb Fishing at Lakeside Cottages


Bluevale 37.02lb PB at Lakeside Cottages

   How To Book A Carp Fishing Holiday At Lakeside Cottages:-                                                        Cat -  Nice Fish 26.LB at Lakeside Cottages  

MR Jim - Fishing at Lakeside Cottages

The fishing spots sell out fast! For fisherman, groups and couples or if your on your own and would like to join us here in Canada we can arrange Century Transportation from the airport direct to the resort this is a great service all can be arranged in advance and a great combination if you wish to book a car locally to do some fishing and sightseeing as well. Our resort offers just about everything. Please remember to book early! We do get filled very fast at the resort! Bookings can also be made with our U.K Agent Martin and his Canadian Travel Team at Anglers World Holidays or contact us direct.

Tele: 001 - 705 - 652 - 7160
Office hours from: 0900 am - 0900 pm
Please note the time difference between Canada and the U.K as Canada is 5 hours behind.

"The cottage is superb and in the middle of paradise. I have had a fantastic time and feel like I have been staying with close friends. Eileen and Mike are so welcoming and Mike knows his fishing stuff full of knowledge and wants nothing else but to see you catch loads of Big Carp! The wildlife is amazing! Thanks again for a superb time look forward to returning for more big fish in paradise!" MR Jim Essex England.

Thank you Jim we look forward to seeing you again and remember to book early! Your hosts & friends Mike & Eileen

David Superb 39. LB at Lakeside Cottages
Sunset Fishing at Lakeside Cottages

"Thanks Mike for all your efforts and wonderful hospitality caught a cracking! Look forward to visiting again." Kind Regards David.  


July we are delighted to see return to Lakeside Cottages Edd, big John and good friend Derek from the Niagara area staying for one week in the waterfront cottage returning for fishing and relaxing. The July weather was super hot  while the lads fished hard Derek took to his biking and sightseeing  in the area. Edd was the first to catch followed by big John both had several fish in the 20.Lb + mark but the fishing highlight was reserved for a group effort  with all three involved catching a magnificent 35.5LB Carp! Well done to you all and thank you for the celebration distance drinks together. All had a superb week. 

" As always  peaceful & tranquil setting you both are always great hosts helpful and friendly thank you again" Edd big John & Derek.  Your most welcome look forward to seeing you all again, Mike & Eileen.  Lucky Edd would return again later in summer with his lovely wife Linda for more fishing and relaxing.

Edd with a Good Carp
Big John with a Nice Carp



Our second  time to Lakeside had a great time! Great location lots of big Carp and fantastic hosts look forward to seeing you again. Edd, big John & Derek  from Jordan Ontario. Thank you for the celebrations drinks  on catching the big one!  Tight lines Mike & Eileen

Morning Sunrise at Lakeside Cottages
Sunset Fishing at Lakeside Cottages
Fish 'n Canada Show with Mike
Pete - Biggest Carp 37.5 lb to date with Mike Your host  & Guide.
Harry The Resort Heron



Pete Bowman from Fish ‘n Canada Show had been requesting to join us at Lakeside Cottages for some time wanting to try out our Superb Carp Fishing at the Lake. It's taken a few years for us to get together with cottage dates to film a show and allocate our Lakeside Swims. What a treat for both Pete and son Hunter Bowman and the rest of the film crew! We finally arranged for Pete to do some filming here especially for the Carp. That year the weather was hot and even some of the fish were thinking of spawning the challenge was to get Hunter aged 14 years to catch one of these big Carp and after some fish were lost Hunter finally managed a beauty 25.LB common Carp!

It was a real pleasure to watch the excitement for Hunter Dad Pete and the film crew. Mid - week Pete and Hunter went out in the boat Bass fishing and it was Hunter again that hooked a nice Bass. While back at the resort I continued to bait heavy the swims for the guys to return for some more Carp fishing. On the last day the sun was rising the film crew were ready Pete and I had our morning coffee then the rods went crazy and Pete landed the biggest Carp Pete has had to date a Fantastic 37.5 LB! What a way to end the film show! My work was done and the show complete.

Had an awesome week at Lakeside Cottages shooting is bound to become a personal favorite episode of Fish "n" Canada Show. Such a beautiful scene wonderful hosts as Hunter quoted " the nicest people he has ever met and the fishing was the best ever ". Thank you to Mike & Eileen for your fantastic hospitality ” All the best Fish" n " Canada Show. Mike & Daniel.

Hunter Bowman Well Done!
Hunter - Nice Fish

We had an awesome stay here at Lakeside Cottages this was Hunter's first Fish "n" Canada shoot. Hunter managed his biggest Carp to date a great! Hunter was rewarded with a sleep in and during that time I managed a 37.5 LB Hunter did not know until the showing of the show! Thanks again Mike & Eileen for a fantastic stay you guys are THE BEST.”
Pete Bowman Fish 'n Canada Show.

Thank you to all the film crew Pete and Hunter Bowman a pleasure to finally get together and see you both have your personal biggest Carp to date!
Your hosts & friends Mike & Eileen .


Darryl - July Nice Fish
Helena - July Nice Fish!



Next in July would be Darryl and his lovely wife Helena and the girls Kayla aged 12 yrs and Leah aged 9 yrs all into fishing! The summer weather is now with us  and we are delighted to see Darryl back in paradise fishing and having family fun. Now Darryl would normally be here in June with the Bluevale Fishing Club, this time Darryl would do some of his own Carp fishing with regular baiting and fishing at different times of the day Darryl would catch several good fish also Helena would catch a nice 18.LB Carp along with the girls who would catch fish of 11,14 and 16LB., Well done everyone. It was wonderful to meet Julijan and Olenka Helena parents and celebrate Dad's 65th Birthday at the Lake. What a great week for the family with kayaking and some bass fishing as well. Thank you to the Keirstead Family for the beautiful flowers for Eileen and delicious banana chocolate cake.  We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Amazing views of Katchewanooka Lake
Sunset fishing at Lakeside Cottages

Mornings and evenings are the right things to do when the temperatures are into reaching 30' C great sport with great rewards for one who puts in the effort! Fantastic wild hard fighting fish are here and will really give the thrill of a life time. During summer months we are delighted to see the repeat of many of our Canadian families returning year after year the children enjoy the paddle boats rides the play area our superb safe sandy beach the toy box taking a canoe or kayak lessons. The children enjoy playing for hours on the beach swimming in the shallow bay area fishing off the docks for their very first fish sometimes watching me play a wild hungry monster carp the biggest fish they will see! It's the early mornings and late evenings for the Carp fishing when it is really very hot in the summer months of July and August. One of our regular fishing guests Big Alan always tells us “It's more then just fishing at Lakeside Cottages” we have just about everything for the entire family for everyone of all ages. We have also hosted weddings at the resort and had many honeymoons who have combined the Carp fishing. It's a superb setting for a wedding our good friend Stan the float plane man has done the wedding service we even had the float plane in the bay for the photos! “ Thank you Mike & Eileen for a most spectacular wedding a gorgeous spot and the wedding will be forever etched in our minds”
Greg & Leanne Brown. Ontario Canada

August - Sunrise at Lakeside Cottages
A Dream Wedding at Lakeside Cottages!

In August we are delighted to welcome for the first time to Lakeside Cottages originally from England but now living in Canada the Baker Family, Lee, Karen along with their children Harry aged 15 yrs old and Lucy 11yrs old. Lee Karen and Harry were keen to get fishing while Lucy had fun in the paddleboats and enjoying the swings and playing on the beach. Once into the baiting up, the fish would soon start coming! Karen would catch a personal best of 28.LB.  Lee had several good fish but it was young Harry who would catch the best a fantastic 32.LB! Well done to Harry. A great week with 10 fish of over twenty pound landed and two personal best fish!  We are sure we will see the family again in Paradise!  Tight Lines Mike 


August Karen - 28.LB Well Done PB!
August - Lee a Superb Fish


Summer at Lakeside Cottages
Garden Swim at Lakeside Cottages

I must just add about the Little Lake Music fest in Peterborough shows are excellent starts at the end of June goes though to the end of summer with various shows twice a week with FREE admission its well worth seeing! Only this year with Covid 19 all shows and events had to be cancelled for 2020. 

August - Harry's Fabulous 32.LB!
Eileen & Linda having fun in the Canoe!
Cat - With a Superb 30.LB
Patti - First Carp Nice 26.LB


Back for their second trip to Lakeside Cottages was Cat and Bernice joined by fellow Lady carper Chris and sister Patti staying with us for another week for more fishing fun and relaxing. The bait started to go in and soon the fish were coming to the net! All the Ladies would catch fish and with Chris catching four fish over twenty pound and sister Patti joining in having a nice 26.LB well done! But at the end it was to be our famous Lady carper Cat  who would catch  a superb 30.LB what a beauty to add to the list! The girls fished hard to add to their fish total, and enjoyed a celebration barbeque by the Lake with Eileen and I joining in for a delicious distance barbeque and drinks while viewing our magical sunsets at night. Everyone had such a great time the girls did not only booked for Thanksgiving weekend but also booked for next summer for a week in their favorite waterfront cottage.  It's always best to book early as we do get filled very fast! And thank you for the card and kind gifts we found in the cottage. it was a great week we are already looking forward to next time.  


 "To the best couple in Canada" thank you for all  the great times in paradise, the fishing along with sightseeing, good company lots of wildlife and as always  it's more than just fishing at Lakeside Cottages. All the best to you both". Alan Paul & Mike. Surrey England & Southern Ireland. Thank you for the lovely flowers for Eileen and all the goodies from the U.K.  We hope to see you again 2021!  Cheer's Mike & Eileen

August - Chris with a Good Fish!
Celebration BBQ by the Lake

End of August we are delighted to welcome back George another regular guest along with his lovely wife Christine for 12 days of fishing and relaxing.  Christine enjoys watching the wildlife around the lake canoeing and walking with Eileen while George got his Carp fix catching from the lawns. George would catch several twenties and finally topped it off with another 30.LB beauty. Also a big bonus surprise for George was to catch an elusive Muskie of 30 ins just from dock! Both George and Christine really enjoy relaxing in our amazing lake scenery  watching the wildlife around the lake and ending the day with our magical Lakeside sunsets. Many thanks  for the famous bottle of rum we will toast you both and look forward to seeing you all next year, already booked for 2 weeks in summer lucky George & Christine! 

Mike with Don 82 yrs old 2019 - 34 LB - PB! Well Done! 
George - with a 30.LB Beauty


Nice Mirror For George!
Another - Nice 30.LB!


Now normally in September we would see Don and all the Lads and Ladies like the lovely Jane, Len's wife here for 2 weeks for some Carp fishing enjoying meeting up for a barbecue together, hosting many birthday celebrations while catching up on all the news but due to Covid 19 restrictions for our overseas guests were not permitted to travel and stay at the resort. Many of our regular guests book from year to year and some have already paid deposits and balances. For our regular guests we have amended all bookings and payments have been carried over to next year 2021. Some of our guests like our three Amigos have booked not for 2 weeks but for three weeks! As the Lads missed out on their vacation with us for this year- lucky guests! Everyone will look forward to getting together September 2021. If you have not booked your cottage vacation - now is the time to book as we are filling very fast!  

September Labour Day weekend the wonderful Baker family returned for a second trip this year to Lakeside Cottages. Lee and Karen knew exactly what to do baiting and fishing at different times while Harry and Lucy played basketball and again Lucy loved being in the paddleboats. Lee and Karen were rewarded with several good twenty pounder's also Karen enjoyed her favorite spot fishing off the dock and was rewarded with some nice Bass.  Well done and well deserved trip for the family. Look forward to seeing you in 2021!  

September - Lee Nice Fish!
Mark - Fantastic Fishing at Lakeside Cottages!






September we would normally see our long time regular guest and friend Mark and bringing  Anna for some fishing and sightseeing. It's always delightful  to welcome back Mark who has becoming to Lakeside Cottages for many years. I might just add Mark had the best Carp fishing in his entire fishing career here at Lakeside Cottages with 8 fish over 30.LB and 3 personal bests in 10 days! What a Fantastic trip and wonderful memories we hold dear in our hearts. Mark is keen to get back fishing staying in the waterfront cottage with everything you need including the magical sunsets. A Perfect place to relax unwind and re-call the memories we have shared all together in our Lake Paradise!  We look forward to seeing you in 2021!  Your hosts & friends Mike & Eileen

September- Edd Good Fish!
Edd & Linda Fishing at Lakeside Cottages
Edd & Linda Fishing & Relaxing at Lakeside Cottages

September we are delighted to see Edd return for the second time this year with the lovely Linda. Edd would enjoying fishing and relaxing on the garden swims while catching fish into the twenties. I also managed to join Edd for a fishing session ending up catching a superb 30.LB! Linda and Eileen had lots of fun in the village of Lakefield shopping then back at the resort Linda would be making some masks at the cottage for her local school in Jordan Ontario and made masks for both Eileen and myself along with wool hats for the winter what talent! And great kindness too, bless you Linda. We had some very mixed weather the week Edd and Linda were here but on the warmer glorious days Edd and Linda went biking on local trails and back again at the resort we learned Linda had not been in a canoe for well over 30 years so Eileen in the driving seat took Linda for the most enjoyable canoe ride ever. Linda had such a wonderful time just had to go again several times. It was great to catch up with this wonderful couple and we all enjoyed cheese and wine from Edd and Linda at a distance by the lake and later a lovely fish and chips from Jack's restaurant while Edd was still fishing! Does it get any better. Thank you to you both for the delicious meal, the home made cookies and muffins perfect with our morning coffee and tea. We are looking forward to seeing you both again next year. Tight Lines from your hosts & friends Mike Eileen & Symba          


Don & Steve from England would normally join their long time friend Phil who lives in Canada. Now the lads are all regular guests to Lakeside Cottages and are used to the fishing here and my local hot spots. All were very keen to get fishing and soon as the bait was in it was not long before all were taking turns in catching fish whilst the others would bait up and get the meals. As per usual our three Amigos would catch their fare share of twenty pounder's with 24 over 20 and 15 between 10 - 20. The Lads fish well in September 2109 . "Thanks to Mike for all the fishing advice and Eileen for the cups of tea keeping us going enjoyed the bbq evening". See you in 2021! Don Phil & Steve. Canada & England. Well done guys your hard work at baiting and fishing at different times paid off. Thank you for the delicious chocolates and gift it's perfect for winter drinks. Tight Lines Mike & Eileen

September Fishing at Lakeside Cottages
Lakeside Cottages - Three Amigos!


Mid - September we are delighted to welcome for the first time to Lakeside Cottages, Roger and the lovely Rebecca originally from the U.K now living in Canada for well over 40 years.  Roger had tried to book with us before over the years but lucky for Roger and Rebecca this year they managed to get in for a week of fishing and relaxing for Rebecca. Roger was keen to get fishing and once he knew the distance  the fishing experience took over and several fish into the 20. pound range were landed but the best was yet to come with a Superb 29.LB caught from the big dock just outside their cottage! Well Roger you deserved all the fish and it was great to finally meet you both catching up on the Old country while enjoying watching our magical sunsets and lake scenery while staying in the waterfront cottage, remember to book early as you know we get filled very fast! Look forward to seeing you again. From  Your hosts & friends Mike & Eileen


Morning Sunrise at Lakeside Cottages
September - Roger's Superb 29.LB!


Well Done to Chris! - Tight Lines Mike 
Dave - Sunset Fishing at Lakeside Cottages


September we would also see our regular guests Dave and the lovely Brenda joining us in the waterfront cottage for 10 nights. Dave would gradually get into the Carp fishing in between visiting their favorite restaurant in Lakefield Jack's, always delivers a delicious meal in or take out. While fishing Dave and Brenda enjoy relaxing by the Lake and meeting up with fellow Carper's Edd and Roger.  Dave would manage fish up to 20.LB plus and best 29.LB this time! Their Son Clifford and Adam joined in the fishing for a few days landing fish between them all.  In spite of some cooler mixed weather all enjoyed staying at the Lake and simply relaxing.  Always lovely to see you all and thank you for the  kind gifts we will toast and think of you all. Bless you for always thinking of us. Tight Lines your hosts & friends  Mike & Eileen  



October - Bernice Fishing & Relaxing at Lakeside Cottages
Chris with a Superb 30.15.LB Well done a Personal Best at Lakeside Cottages


Relaxing on the Lakeside Cottages Dock
 Fishing at Lakeside Cottages


Mike - Your Host & Guide of Lakeside Cottages
October - Cat Nice Carp!

   As we approach Thanksgiving weekend and the end of our season we are delighted to have join us again Cat, Bernice and Chris for a 4 day break for some Carp fishing which would be their 3rd trip with us this year lucky guests! Now Cat and Bernice along with Dan, Karen and the family have been coming many years for the Thanksgiving weekend but this year we missed seeing Dan and Karen as they moved to New Brunswick starting for a new life. We wish them all the very best and hope to see  you here again another time. After Cat and Chris and Bernice visited Eileen's go to store The Overstock liquidation Lakefield  it was time to get in some fishing and only yards from their waterfront deluxe cottage relaxing in the sunshine, the fish were biting well into the evenings with the clear water conditions, Cat would catch fish but it would be Chris this time that would catch a 29.09.LB and after a delicious Thanksgiving meal together Chris would go on to catch a Superb 30.15LB! Well done Chris  and Cat  for fishing at the right times . Bernice enjoyed relaxing watching the fish action and our fabulous lake scenery. It's a real pleasure to host these lovely Ladies year after year they are truly wonderful guests and great friends."  After another great time all thoroughly enjoyed their stay and look forward to catching more fish next year - even bigger! "Thanks for everything Mike & Eileen". Waterloo  Ontario.  Thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving social distancing meal and  kind gifts we found in the cottage. Wish you all the very best already looking forward to seeing you all next summer From Your hosts & friends Mike & Eileen 

Lakeside Evening Sunset
October Early Morning

Well another season has finished we have had some excellent results again this year in our nineteenth season with some exceptional individual catches. Many of our guests achieving their personal bests . After a challenging start to the new season we then headed into a long hot summer and followed by mixed weather for September.  It has been a good fishing year for many of our guests it does pay to work hard and you will find the rewards can be great. All used boilies and corn and for those who persevere once again the rewards are well deserved but as I say every year the main feed must still go in to keep fish in the area. New records were broken many achieved personal bests and congratulations to you all. Another great fishing season over and FANTASTIC memories of 2020. Many thanks to you all for joining us this year!  

Looking forward to seeing everyone again, all the best from your hosts & friends Mike & Eileen.