Frequent Questions

Here is a few sample questions that we do get asked from time to time we hope it helps you plan your holiday with us at Lakeside Cottages. If you have any further questions or in need of more information then please feel free to contact us by email or phone as we are only to happy to help you plan your vacation with us at Lakeside Cottages making your stay really enjoyable relaxing and a truly memorable one!

* When is the best time to book?

We suggest you book as early as you possible can a deposit will secure your reservations and by booking earlier if there is a choice of cottages available then you get to pick your choice of cottage subject to our availability.

* Can we come earlier then the check-in time?

Our normal check-in is from onwards. If you happen to come earlier we may have to stop working in getting things ready for your arrival this really only delays things so we suggest that you call us first or email us you never know someone may have just departed earlier and your cottage maybe ready. You may arrive earlier if an early check-in has been pre-arranged in advance.

* Can we bring three cars?

We do have parking spaces for 2 cars if you happen to bring a third car or maybe grandparent's other relatives or friends are joining you later in the week but please remember we will need advance notice in arranging car parking at the resort and we need to know who is here in case of any emergencies.

* Do you have Lawn chairs?

Yes - we do have lawn chairs even comfy sun loungers and good size family picnic tables but if you have a favourite lawn chair then please bring it along.

* Do you have Laundry facilities on site?

Lakefield is only 3 kms away with an excellent laundry service and prices are very reasonable.

* Do you have Black flies at the resort?

We are lucky enough to say we have not seen them at the resort you possible may see them on walking trails very early in May time but only for a day or so.

* Cannot find your cottage rates on your website?

We like to think of Lakeside Cottages as a unique resort that way we hope you will enjoy looking at the photos of our wonderful resort and our amazing sandy beach. Please check our cottage rates or email, call us for more information. 

* Coming early May do you have heaters in the cottages?

Yes we have electric controlled fireplaces in the lounge area and extra electric oil filled heaters for bathrooms and bedrooms if you need them.

* What linens do you provide?

Anything less then a week we provide the linens and all the beds are made up prior to your arrival at the cottage. We provide comforters and pillows. If you wish to bring your own duvets or your favorite pillows then please do so. Renting linens during high season will require advance notice prior to your arrival. You will find blankets for each bed in all the cottages.

* How are the mosquitoes?

This is Canada! We do have then for a short while in the very early mornings and just before it goes dusk for about an hour or so. During the day when the sun is out they will disappear. We recommend if your out during these times to wear clothes that will cover your arms legs and to apply insect repellent.

* Do you have a T.V in the cottage?

Yes each cottage comes with a T.V and local channels if you wish to bring along a DVD to watch movies then that's fine. We find movies are great for the children to watch early mornings but we hope you will spend more time out of the cottage enjoying our beautiful resort.

* Do you have enough for the children to do?

This is a question we get asked a lot and yes we do have enough for the entire family. We are a good family resort with an amazing safe sandy beach. Children really enjoy playing on the beach even the little ones can waddle in and out of the water and the teens love to go swimming in the lake all day long! We do have other fun things to do like ping pong, table football, volleyball, basket ball, shuffleboard, paddleboats and fishing. During the summer season Mike your host has some fun competitions though out the week for all the children and with prizes too!   

* Can we bring our own kayaks?

Yes, you may bring your own kayak we do have 2 paddleboats 2 kayaks and 2 canoes and we do not charge extra this is included in your cottage rental. Participation in any activities or use of any equipment is at your own risk and Lakeside Cottages will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of such.   

* Do you have a campfire?

Yes we sure do its part of cottage life with weather permitting as sometimes during the very hot dry summer weather fire bans maybe in place but usually not for very long.

* Will we get to see sunsets?

Our resort is on the East side of Lake Katchewanooka and with all the cottages facing the lake you will see some of the best sunsets your eyes will ever see as the Lakeside Cottages sunsets are truly amazing!

* We have a Jet Ski can we bring it along?

Please keep them at home - Thank you!

* Are all your cottages on the Lake?

Yes they sure are. All the cottages have a view of the Lake.

* What can we do if the weather is not so good?

The answer to this question and many of our regular guests already know this It's always nice in Paradise and so nice to be at the cottage! There is so much to see and do locally with sightseeing and great shops to explore you will not have time to do everything so you will have to return again next year.

* Do you have fishing rods to rent?

For anyone wanting to Carp fish which is generally our overseas guests and some of our Canadian guests also now fish for Carp. Please note for Carp fishing it is strictly catch & release that we offer this service. If you would like to fish for Bass Perch Walleye Muskie Pan fish then please bring a fishing rod along with you. Also you will have the free expert advice on hand from your host Mike Williams an avid fisherman who really knows all about fishing and knows the lake very well you can always find Mike at one of the docks helping with the children fishing or talking fish tales to all that love to fish!

* Can we fish from the dock?

Yes you can fish from our docks.

* Where do we buy a fishing license from?

You can purchase a fishing license at most major stores or locally at The Home Hard Store just in Lakefield. Children under the age of 18 years of age do not need a license to fish.

* Where are the nearest shops?

We are the closest resort to Lakefield where you will find most things food stores, beer store, liquor store a wonderful local butcher's shop you can even walk into Lakefield village for your Tim's coffee!

* Where is the nearest hospital?

Peterborough city which is only 10-15 minutes drive away.

* How is the swimming?

Excellent! Up to the swimming raft we have very few weeds if you go further out into deeper waters you will find weed growth however we do not recommend it.

* Do you have internet services?

As we are very close to Lakefield you may use our local Library to check your emails which is a free service to our guests at Lakeside Cottages. WIFI stands for at Lakeside Cottages  " Wildlife & Fishing ".  And Tim's is only a few minutes away from our resort - opens 24 hours!  But please rest and relax your minds!

* May we bring a flying drone to use at Lakeside Cottages?

Sorry no drones are permitted to be used by guests or visitors at Lakeside Cottages.

* What is the weather like?

Spring time the weather is warming up nicely May and June we have seen temperatures reach well into the high 70's and sometimes into the high 80's July August can be hotter months and we are lucky we have a breeze coming across the lake you can always find a shaded tree around the resort to relax under with a good book. September can be a wonderful month excellent weather and once we get towards the end of the month things start to cool down a little which can be nice if you like sleeping a little cooler at nights. Thanksgiving we have seen good sunny days and some of our guests have even taken canoe rides and gone kayaking enjoying the fall colours that are simply amazing.

We guarantee you will have a great vacation at Lakeside Cottages!